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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

I want to offer a perspective, an approach for the day. My wife and I were blessed and gifted with two children, I am honored and proud to be their father. Fathering and fatherhood to me is being the father our children need. More than being my best or what I feel, or think is good enough, I search to understand what our children need and if I can provide that or find the resource, they need to support them. This past year or so has been challenging as our family has adjusted to these unique times.

One day, our children and I were sharing how we missed the gatherings and being able to wear the necklaces that we have. I then snapped out of this imaginary box and offered a necklace day. Let’s wear a necklace before lunch, put another one on during lunch, and then an after-lunch necklace. We each would take turns sharing why we selected our necklace with a story. Our 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter just burst with excitement as they selected their necklaces. I didn’t rush them as I selected mine and prepared our lunch. The sounds of their excitement and the descriptions of the stories could be heard down the hallway, and I just enjoyed the space, the moments, and sounds of not being held to an imaginary box. Our joy of wearing necklaces was never for the response of others but how the significance and stories filled our hearts, made us feel, and offered the canvas for us to share and remember.

I offer this perspective that we are surrounded with stories of our pasts, not limited to things that we have, but can share the power of our stories and memories by just opening our minds and remembering. The need to remember and share is within us and feeding the goodness is meaningful. Is there a story that you can share with yourself, your family, and your community? Take a healthy risk and offer the story, you may be surprised by the response and who knows, you may be gifted with a story from a listener.

From our family to yours,

Paul Tupaz

Wellness Director

Tyme Maidu Tribe of Berry Creek Rancheria

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