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Wellness Department is striving for more...

The Berry Creek Rancheria Wellness Department is showcasing our New Logo.  Many of the Berry Creek Rancheria tribal members participating at the 2022 Health, Wellness and Safety fair received a tumbler with the logo.   

The mountain lion represents “The People.”  The mountain lion is a powerful symbol, we ourselves can define what is Wellness and how we apply it.  The element of water represents “Life.”  Life encompasses the gifts and blessing intended for us.  In order to receive the blessings of “Life”, we must approach the water ourselves…meaningful preparation promotes the environment, the relationship to be received.  The wormwood represents the “Medicine” that surrounds us.  Medicine manifests in many forms, a smile, a laugh, a hug, a sound, the forms and symbols are limitless.  Wellness is having the understanding that We are medicine, and our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are meaningful. 

We should Love like we’ve never been hurt, Hope like we’ve never been disappointed, and Strive like we’ve never fallen.  We are strong enough to be hurt, disappointed, and fall, yet, our Spirit forges on with purpose and meaning.  We are MEDICINE, blessings to ourselves, our circles, an answered prayer for those that came before us and those that are forming their measures.   

The process of designing the expanded office space for the Wellness Department is almost complete and renovations for improved services will include Tele-Services.  One room/office will be dedicated for meetings that can be conducted using a computer and monitor for others located elsewhere.  Feather River Tribal Health already offers services by Tele Services for patients and we will be able to access at our new office.  There will be more to come for the beautiful people of Berry Creek Rancheria. 

Berry Creek Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California

5 Tyme Way

Oroville, CA 95966

(530) 534-3859

To contact our Tribal leaders, reach out to the following:

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