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All tribal members should have access to high quality and affordable education. To help you access the opportunities you deserve, we've compiled assistance options and education support materials.

Financial Support 

Access our Tribal financial support, available for all Berry Creek Tribal Members

Butte College

Check out Butte College's programs and connect with their office of Native American Retention.

Curriculum Resources

Coming soon!

Access Native made and approve curriculum materials.

Native American Studies Programs

Learn to serve your community by entering a Native American Studies program.

CSU Chico

Check out CSU Chico's education programs and connect with their Office of Tribal Relations

NA Scholarships

Search our collection of Native American scholarships and apply for financial support.

Government: Meet the Team

Apply now! Wi’áaşal (Great Oak) Future Leaders Scholarship Fund

Due May 31st, 2022


Native American College Graduation Ceremony


May 17,2022


Looking for tutors

Tutor our Berry Creek students!

Must be able to work 10-15 hrs a week.

Education News & Events

Education, Sports, and Special Interest Assistance

We provide financial assistance up to $5,000 a school year to tribal members for the following:

  • Educational materials

  • Tuition

  • Sports and extracurricular activity tuition and supplies

Please send completed forms to Irene Jimenez:
(530) 543-3859

Education Programs
Government: Meet the Team
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