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Berry Creek Rancheria's July Newsletter

July is here! Celebrate summer by getting outside and spending time with family.

There are lots of upcoming events in the community! Add them to your calendar via our tribal calendar, linked below.

General Council Meeting: Saturday July 23rd at 10am in the Gold Country Casino Conference Room

General Welfare Distribution: Thursday July 14th from 7am-5pm at the Tribal Office

UPCOMING: Tribal Elections!

Want to run for tribal council? This year, the positions of Chairman and Secretary are up for reelection! If you want to run you MUST turn in a Notice of Intent.

DEADLINE: Notice of Intent MUST be received by the close of business August 30th in accordance with the Election Ordinance. If August 30th falls on Saturday or Sunday, the last day to submit a Notice of Intent will be on the close of business on the proceeding Friday.

Upcoming Shows at Gold Country Casino

July 16th, Blue Oyster Cult


Jimmy O. Yang

Shows at 7pm and 9:30pm

Back to School Backpack Distribution!

Back to school....ALREADY?! Swing by the Tribal Gym on August 4th from 10am-2pm to pick up a new backpack for the school year.

July Birthdays:


Emmitt Allan

Marcos Alvarez

Alekei Brown

Carlos Lopez

Adam Chase

Penelope Lyle Jones

Kamari Jones

Lakoda Keeble

Sierra McGregor-Hipes

Lakota Nelson

Michael Nunes Jr.

Isiah Nunez

Talon Quinn

Jesse Reed

Merwa Saleh

Kadenn Sandoval

Elliana Tirado-Steele

Joshua Stubbe Jr.

Jacob Young


Cameron Allen

Alicia Brown

Lynell Borbon

Halle Borbon

Julia Brown

Levi Brown

Payton Brown

Tyler Brown

Melba Burruss

Adam Chase

Aidan Chase

Logan Chase

Nathan Chase

Ashley Deen

Raquel Delagarza

Camron Dodson

Aaron Hedrick

Brianna Hill

Mark Hill

Charmion Jeffreys

Brian Johnson

Fines Kirk Jr.

Kendrick Lopez

Logan Martin

Patrick Martin

Enolie Mayhew

Sequoa Mayhew

Delila McDaniel

Daniel Medrano

Johnathan Miller

Shatawna Miller

Immanuel Miller Jr.

Valina Mix

Michael Nunes

Rachael Perez

Patricia Reece

Cecil Smith

Eva Smith

Francis Steele Jr.

Winona Steele

Laurie Steele Chavira

Ezra Tout

Justin Wagner

Brianna Wagner

Brianna Wheeler

Jeramie Wheeler

Brendan Williams

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