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Heritage Preservation Office: Meet the Team

Our Tribal Heritage Preservation Office is responsible for protection Tyme Maidu sacred sites, historical artifacts, culturally significant plant and animal species, and more. Our tribal monitoring team works on behalf of Berry Creek citizens, partnering with government agencies, property owners, and community organizations to preserve and protect Tyme Maidu land, people, and culture for future generations. 

Youth Interview with Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Jedediah Brown, tribal member at Berry Creek Rancheria

What We Do

Why Our Work is Important

How you can work
with us


Our team identifies culturally significant sites, artifacts, plants, animals, and more, to protect them for future generations. We advocate on behalf of our community to make sure our land, water, and resources are taken care of in a way that is culturally aligned with Indigenous values. 


As the original stewards of our territory, we carry unique insight into the history, culture, and ecological needs of this place. This knowledge is essential for creating a safe and positive future for our children and grandchildren. We help Native and non Native agencies, organizations,

and land owners understand the significance of the place they live, and learn how to take better care of our Maidu cultural resources. 


Want to partner with our Historic Preservation office? Contact our Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Jedediah Brown- to contact him, click the button below. 

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